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Preparing for Your Stay

Your Admission

At the appointed time, come directly to admitting, just inside the emergency entrance. Parking is available in front of the hospital. If you need a wheelchair, we will be happy to provide one. The admitting clerk will complete your registration and ask you to sign insurance and consent forms.

Please call the admitting department, 978-784-9246 with any questions you may have about your upcoming visit.

What to Bring

We provide a hospital gown and bathrobe. You may wish to bring your own slippers, eyeglasses, books, toiletries (such as soap, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand cream) or other personal items. Toiletries should be stored in your nightstand.


Please bring a list of all prescription and non-prescription medications, and their doses, which you are currently taking. While you are in the hospital, all medications will be supplied by the hospital pharmacy and dispensed by a member of your health care team.

What not to Bring

Please leave your jewelry, credit cards, electrical appliances and money (except for small amounts to pay for newspapers, etc.) at home.

Personal Belongings

During your admission, your nurse will complete a personal belongings list. Any items which you choose to keep with you during your hospital stay, including glasses, hearing aids, dentures, etc. will be logged onto the list and will remain your responsibility. You may also choose to keep items in the hospital safe and your nurse can help make those arrangements with our security department.

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