The Oncologic Physical Therapy Program

The Oncologic Physical Therapy Program

The Oncologic Physical Therapy Program at Nashoba Valley Medical Center is dedicated to helping our patients affected by cancer treatments achieve the highest quality of life by maximizing movement and wellness and reducing pain and fatigue.

The Oncologic Physical Therapy Program

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Patients who have undergone chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery may notice 
uncomfortable swelling in arm, legs, chest, shoulder or fingers, difficulty fitting into clothing 
in one specific area and/or fatigue that they attribute to the treatment. These symptoms may 
be a sign of lymphedema, a condition treated with lymphedema therapy. 

Who Can Benefit?
• Men and women who are undergoing or who have completed chemotherapy, radiation 
and/or cancer-related surgery who are experiencing weakness, imbalance, lack of 
endurance and/or pain
• Male and female patients suffering from cancer-related lymphedema
• Women who are post-mastectomy or post-lumpectomy who have lost shoulder function

Our Services
• Lymphedema Therapy program
• Customized physical therapy to address weakness, imbalance, lack of endurance and/or pain

The Lymphedema Therapy Program

Lymphedema is the build-up of lymph, a fluid the body makes. Lymphedema occurs when 
the lymph vessels or nodes that the fluid travels through are missing, damaged or removed. 
Patients should talk with their oncologist or primary care physician to determine if they have 
symptoms and should see a lymphedema therapist. 

How is Lymphedema Diagnosed and Treated?
Lymphedema diagnosis is done without the use of invasive tests. The oncologic physical 
therapist reviews previous images and medical history along with performing simple 
measurements of swelling and assessing limitations to range of motion. The therapist will 
then prescribe a treatment program which often consists of:

• Manual lymphatic drainage, a non-invasive form of skin stretching and massage
• Physical therapy to strengthen weakness, balance activity tolerance and make routine 
tasks safer and easier

Physical Therapy
The certified and talented staff in our Oncologic Physical Therapy Program works closely 
with a referring physician to create a customized physical therapy plan to address 
imbalance, weakness and/or pain. A strong physical therapy regimen will also help patients 
regain stamina and allow them to participate more fully in the activities they love.

Our therapist is STARS Clinician Certified, recognized internationally in oncology