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Primary Care

Primary Care

At Nashoba Valley Medical Center, our highly-qualified internal and family medicine (also known as primary care) physicians are conveniently located in your community.

Primary Care

To find a physician, please call 978-784-9990.

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Steward Primary Care Locations:

Nashoba Medical Associates
198 Groton Road, Suite 2, Ayer, MA 01432

Groton Internal Medicine
497 Main St., Groton, MA 01450

Steward Family Medicine Locations:

Lunenburg Family Practice
324 Massachusetts Ave., Lunenburg, MA 01462

Nashoba Family Medicine
1 Forge Village Road, Suite C, Groton, MA 01450

Townsend Family Medicine
18 Main St., Suite 104, Townsend, MA 01469

Primary Care Physicians and Family Doctors in Ayer

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are on the front line of health care, providing everything from diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and chronic conditions to patient education and advice regarding disease prevention.

Receiving an annual physical from your primary care physician is important for maintaining good health, but their role goes far beyond checking your cholesterol and blood pressure once a year.

Your PCP will be there for you if you feel sick, have an infection, 0r are experiencing women’s or men’s health issues. They should be the expert you know and rely on for all your health needs – big and small.

Steward Medical Groups’s board-certified primary care doctors in the Nashoba Valley region are currently accepting new patients. Schedule a primary care appointment by calling 978-784-9000.

What Do Primary Care Physicians (PCP) Do?
  • Primary care doctors recommend and administer vaccinations
  • They learn your medical history inside and out, including potential congenital and hereditary issues, and give you advice on healthy lifestyle habits you can adopt to combat those risks
  • If you’re struggling with your weight, addiction, ED or any other health issue, they will provide non-judgmental, compassionate advice, education and resources to help
  • They will perform physicals and checkups, running blood tests, EKGs and other screenings to catch any potential health issues as early as possible
  • If your PCP discovers potential warning signs for diseases or health conditions, they will help you find an appropriate specialist
  • They will be your advocate and take a hand in coordinating your care while providing support if you’re struggling with health problems
Compassionate, Patient-Centered Care

The primary care physicians affiliated with Nashoba Valley Medical Center maintain an unwavering commitment to their patients’ overall health and wellness. It’s of vital importance that each patient feels comfortable with their primary care physician, because transparency and honesty are essential to accurately identifying and effectively treating illnesses and maintaining optimal health.

Every primary care doctor in our network is committed to building patient-physician relationships anchored in trust.

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With 230 joints in your body there is plenty of opportunity for joint pain.
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Travel Immunization
If you are traveling abroad, whether to China on business, Africa for charity-related work or India for pleasure, consider consulting the International Travelers’ Clinic at Nashoba Valley Medical Center, which provides pre-travel evaluation, counseling and immunizations for international travelers.

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Elvis J. Aponte-Rivera

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